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Leadership Presentation



Mental Health and Leadership

Group Learning Experience
(Online Breakout Room)

Explore Mental Health and Leadership in the Workplace

January  25, 2023, 11AM - 1:30PM EST


LIVE Online on                                  breakout room

Anxiety, depression, burnout and other mental health issues are still impacting many workplaces, employees and families. Trends like “quiet-quitting” and “quiet-firing” are still significant across many industries.


Leaders need to prioritise mental health because not doing it can be extremely detrimental to the business's bottom line. Every employee who comes to work wants to feel like they belong in the workplace and every leader has to balance compassion and diversity with accountability.


The WWC is proud to host our 6th event to explore mental health and leadership in the workplace. This group learning experience is different from other events we have hosted.

Leaders and managers, this is a rare opportunity to attend our Mental Health & Leadership Group Learning Experience so you can transform your current company culture by gaining tools for how to:

🎯increase mental health & burnout literacy in your workplace


🎯develop strategies to shape workplace culture to value mental health and wellness without stigma 


🎯help your employees build the skills necessary to sensitively and appropriately talk about mental health in the workplace.


Date: Jan 25, 2023 Time: 11AM to 1:30PM EST

Zoom: Join a breakout room. Each room will be led by an experienced facilitator
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