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Data-Driven Wellness (online & in-person)

November 10, 2022 |

Employee wellness matters!

Know Your Numbers!

The Workplace Wellness Collective presents Data-Driven Wellness for our Fall 2022 Micro-Summit.

Our previous offerings have expanded our personal and professional understanding of workplace wellness, and empowered leaders and organizations to implement efforts to change working environments and cultures of burnout. These knowledge exchanges have boiled down to one common take-home: ACTION!

Employees and Leaders alike need to ACT in order to change workplace conditions.

DATA is a fundamental way to recognize, acknowledge, and target workplace pain points! Experts in data and information technology share effective and innovative ways to assess staff, evaluate workflow, and eliminate inefficiencies (ahem, unnecessary meetings). All to minimize distraction and demands, and support appropriate resources for all employees and leaders.

How data influences our 4 pillars? We want to explore the following questions:

0 1

How do we access wellness technology and how do we make it equitable?

0 2

How can we use data to positively support workplace outcomes?

0 3

How do we use data to support leadership decisions?

0 4

Do personal health and wellness apps work and should we continue to invest in them?

Employee wellness matters.


By understanding some of the factors that are impacting the health and wellness of your employees, employers can optimize their wellness initiatives.

Register to attend our Fall 2022 Micro Summit: Data-Driven Workplace Wellness to learn about how employees and leaders can participate to capture data to influence their workplaces. Be empowered to share these resources with your organizations that claim to support employee wellness!

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