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LIVE Video Events

Don't miss out WWC events live streamed on Linkedin and YouTube

B2B Partners Spotlight

Meet our partners and join us for a LIVE event about leadership, workplace wellness, culture and mental health.

For WIX - _B2B Partners Spotlight

Bring Wellness into the Workplace using Mindfulness, Mindset & Movement with GLUED

The current research on mindfulness, mindset and movement as strategies to help employees and workplaces is crystal clear. Join us on LinkedIn live to learn the 3M method directly from the founders!

🎯 Meet Corey Jacobs and Duston Harper, co-founders of Glued, a company that helps your workforce stick together!

🎯 Join the conversation to learn how they help businesses combat stress burnout and employee turnover using their 3M method!

🎯 Learn their story and why they are on a mission to improve employee wellness.

Part 2: Recipe for Success in Employer and Employee Wellness Savings with Debbie Bellenger

As a follow-up to Part 1, we will be discussing tips, tricks and strategies to leverage data to your advantage to create a healthier organization and healthier individuals. 

We will further the conversation of the top 3 data sets to lean upon to create a value proposition statement to get buy-in, and one sample program will be shared that produced $300,000 savings to an employer in 6 months of implementing wellness coaching.

Webinar: Master Your Limitless Mindset with Brenda Pearson

With impending changes and the inevitable disruption caused by hybrid working models, this fireside chat is intended to discuss the role of mindset, confidence and resiliency in managing through these constant changes. The focus will be on understanding why change is difficult and how we are designed to resist change through our biological and social constructs. Most importantly, practical tools and strategies will be discussed to help move forward constructively with a limitless mindset.

This event is sponsored by Brenda Pearson Consulting.

Part 1: Well-being vs Wellness and Why Now? with Debbie Bellenger

In this masterclass, Part 1 of a two part series; we will discuss the difference between employee wellness programs and employee well-being programs and why it matters so much.

As a new COVID variant surges, the landscape of employee health and wellness continues to face new and ever changing challenges. As we go into our third year of the pandemic, we continue to experience the Great Resignation, Burnout, varied challenges with Work from Home (WFM) models, Return to Work (RTW) models - let's step back and discuss the rise of EE voice and EE choice. What does that mean and how do we adapt and accommodate new employee needs in our infrastructure and benefits plans?


This will be an interactive session.


Join us and get ready to be energized and educated!

All are welcome to join us, share your insights, ask questions or listen & learn.

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