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The Workplace Wellness Hour

Join us LIVE on Linkedin and TikTok LIVE (every other Monday)

with Sumana Jeddy, Felipe Cofiño, and Ashley Fluellen

WWC Linkedin and TikTok LIVE (every other Monday) with Felipe Cofiño, Sumana Jeddy, and As

New Season, New Episodes

Beyond Legalities - Preferred Names in On-Line & LGBTQ+ Communities!

In today's digital world, the use of preferred names goes beyond legalities, especially within on-Line & LGBTQ+ communities.

Here are #FelipesFive topics we will be discussing during our next Workplace Wellness Hour, when dealing with a preferred name:

🟢 Respect and Recognition
🔵 Online Platforms and Policies
🔴 Navigating Legal Constraints
🟣 Allyship and Advocacy
🟠 Continuous Education and Awareness

By recognize preferred names in online and LGBTQ+ communities, we can create spaces where individuals feel seen, respected, and empowered to be their authentic selves.

Previously LIVE on 15th April 2024

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

What Does DEIB Mean To You & Your Organization?


Recently I had an interview where I was told we don’t do DEI here in this organization!

I was beyond shocked. But then realized, everyone does not share the same views about DEIB.

If this is a discussion you would like to listen to or be a part of, then join Sumana, Ashley and I, as we share insights, stories & hear valuable perspectives from the attendees.

What’s been your experience with DEIB in the workplace, what has worked & what has not worked?

Previously LIVE on 1st April 2024

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

Women, Mentorship & Allies In The Workplace

In celebration of Women's History Month, let's acknowledge the power of mentorship and being an ally in the workplace.

Mentorship provides guidance, support, and inspiration for women to navigate challenges and reach their full potential.

Being an ally for women means actively supporting their advancement, amplifying their voices, and advocating for gender equality in all spaces.

Let's recognize the significance of mentorship in empowering women and commit to being strong allies in the pursuit of equality and inclusion in and out of the workplace.

Previously LIVE on 18th March 2024

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

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