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The Workplace Wellness Hour

Join us LIVE on Linkedin and TikTok LIVE (every other Monday)

with Sumana Jeddy, Felipe Cofiño, and Ashley Fluellen

WWC Linkedin and TikTok LIVE (every other Monday) with Felipe Cofiño, Sumana Jeddy, and As

New Season, New Episodes

Mental Wellness at Work:
Find Your Flow & Redesign Your Day!

We've got a special announcement to make, Ashley Fluellen will be joining the Workplace Wellness Hour team as our new co-host!


Ashley is an experienced Workshop Facilitator, who brings a valuable Gen Z perspective to the team.

Ashley, along with Sumana and Felipe, will be leading our discussion on Mental Wellness at Work: Find Your Flow & Redesign Your Day, exploring how both employers and individuals can positively impact this important aspect of workplace wellness.

Let's have an enriching discussion and work towards a happier, healthier work life for all!

Previously LIVE on 30th October 2023

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

Lazy Girl Jobs vs Boundary Filled Jobs! What is Your Stance
on this Debate?

The Wall Street Journey recently reported on this workplace debate that’s been trending on TikTok.

#LazyGirlJobs vs. #BoundaryFilledJobs. It's not just about hashtags; it reflects the generational diversity defining our work environments.

Now, this debate is not just about semantics; it's part of a broader conversation about how we balance our professional and personal lives and how this balance impacts our mental wellness in the workplace.

So, where do you stand on this debate? How do you maintain the balance between personal well-being and professional growth in your career?

LIVE on 16th October 2023

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

Unlocking Your Productivity & Health: How Your Circadian Rhythm
Can Help!

What the heck is “Circadian Rhythm” & why is it important ❓Circadian rhythm is simply, your body's internal clock that controls the timing of various biological processes over a 24-hour cycle, including sleep and wakefulness.

Unlocking your productivity by mastering your circadian rhythm can greatly improve your sleep, health, work productivity and overall workplace wellness.


Remember that mastering your circadian rhythm takes time and consistency. These habits can significantly improve your sleep quality and, in turn, boost your workplace wellness and productivity

Previously LIVE on 2nd October 2023

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

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