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Workplace Wellness Hour

Join us LIVE on Linkedin and TikTok LIVE (every other Monday)

with Sumana Jeddy, Felipe Cofiño, and Ashley Fluellen

WWC Linkedin and TikTok LIVE (every other Monday) with Felipe Cofiño, Sumana Jeddy, and As

New Season, New Episodes

Loneliness to Lasting Bonds: Connections for Personal & Professional Growth

Feeling disconnected in today's busy world?

Join our upcoming Workplace Wellness Hour as we delve into strategies for combating loneliness through building meaningful relationships. We’ll explore practical steps to strengthen your personal & professional bonds.

Here are #FelipesFive recommendations, inspired by U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy’s Connection Challenge to combat loneliness & create long lasting meaningful relationships:

1. Regularly Schedule Social Time

2. Join Clubs or Groups

3. Volunteer

4. Practice Active Listening

5. Express Gratitude & Appreciation

Don't miss this opportunity to discuss this strategies & learn what has worked for others.

Previously LIVE on 27th May, 2024

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners Empowering

Mental Health!

Community Spotlight: Entrepreneurs, Contract Workers & Small Business Owners Empowering Mental Health!

Join us & share your invaluable insights & strategies for prioritizing mental health in the workplace!

Where do you find support for mental health as an entrepreneur or contract worker, & how do you prioritize your wellbeing among your work responsibilities?

Join us for an insightful episode of the Workplace Wellness Hour, as we shine a light on entrepreneurs who are leading the charge in empowering mental health.

💡 Topics of discussion will include the following & more:

1. Regular Self-Care Rituals.
2. Seeking Professional Support.
3. Building Support Networks.
4. Continuous Learning.
5. Mindfulness Practices.

Previously LIVE on 13th May, 2024

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

The Value of Financial Education

& Financial Empowerment

in the Workplace!

Can financial 💸 stress impact your mental or physical wellbeing?

Here are #FelipesFive recommendations to help employers focus on improving the financial wellness & education of their staff:

1. Plan4Retirement : Learn how to set achievable retirement goals.

2. Battling Inflation : Discover strategies to combat the effects of inflation on your finances.

3. Emergency Savings : Gain insights into building & maintaining emergency funds.

4. Budgeting Basics : Master the art of budgeting with practical tips & resources.

5. Manage Credit Wisely : Unlock the secrets to responsible credit management.

Employers & leaders have an obligation to foster a culture of holistic well-being, & that includes equipping employees with the knowledge & tools to thrive financially.

Previously LIVE on 29th April, 2024

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

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