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The Workplace Wellness Hour

Join us LIVE on Linkedin and TikTok LIVE (every other Monday)

with Sumana Jeddy and Felipe Cofiño

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Fostering Mental Health Dialogue in the Workplace!

The Organizational Benefits of Unlocking Success by Embracing Openness with Mental Wellness in the Workplace!

Fostering a culture of openness in the workplace regarding mental wellness brings numerous benefits, including creating a safe and supportive environment, promoting early intervention, enhancing communication and collaboration, reducing stigma, and cultivating a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

Join me with my special guest co-hosts Jenn Hensel & David Spinner from the Workplace Wellness Collective.

Join us LIVE on 29th May 2023

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

Beyond Appearances: Mental 🧠 Health in the Workplace!

Mental health is often ignored in the workplace, but just because someone looks okay doesn't mean they are. Employers and individuals need to promote mental health awareness, provide support, and encourage seeking help. Addressing mental health is essential for creating a supportive workplace culture where employees can prioritize their well-being.

If this resonates with you, then join Sumana Jeddy, MPH 🧬 and I (Felipe Cofiño), with our Special Guest 🦍Keenan Hart💜 from FRANSiS™ for the Workplace Wellness Hour Audio 🔊

Previously LIVE on May 15th, 2023

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

Struggle To Strength: How Your Mental Health Story Can Inspire Change!

If you're passionate about breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and want to learn more about how sharing personal experiences can inspire positive change, then this is the perfect discussion for you. Our goal is to create a safe and open space where we can share our own stories, learn from one another, and explore ways to promote mental health awareness in our communities. Let's come together to normalize conversations around mental health and work towards a more supportive and understanding society.

Previously LIVE on 1st May 2023

6PM to 7:30PM MT / 8PM to 9:30PM ET

From Isolation to Integration: Fostering Workplace Connections
Previously LIVE on 17th April 2023

Burnout 😩 as a Professional,
Parent or Both! in special collaboration with Shelley Kemmerer
Previously LIVE on 20th February 2023

The Upside of Upskilling! 📈 How it can Change Your Career & Wellness at Work
Previously LIVE on 20th March 2023

How Workplace Financial 💰 Wellness Can Supercharge ⚡ Your Mental 🧠 Health!
Previously LIVE on 6th February 2023

How Leadership Engagement improves Workplace Wellness for Remote Workers
Previously LIVE on 6th March 2023

Rage 🤬 Applying: Is this Trend Disrupting a Multigenerational Workforce?
Previously LIVE on 23rd January 2023

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