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People behind The Workplace Wellness Collective

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Sumana Jeddy

Founder and CEO

Sumana Jeddy is a content creator, educator, facilitator, and founder of Jeddy Wellness, a Canadian wellness company that specializes in evidence-based workplace wellness strategies. She bridges the gap between research and practice by providing wellness strategies that are not only grounded in science, data, and empathy but are also modern, practical, and playful.

Sumana holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health and a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology from the University of British Columbia. Sumana has published over 20 peer-reviewed research articles in disease spread and control and has given talks at conferences across Canada and the United States. 

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Meridith Grundei

Director of Creative Strategy and Presentation Specialist

Meridith Grundei is an award-winning theatre director, producer, and former improv teacher for The Second City. Meridith recognized the similarities between performing for audiences on stage every night and presenting to clients/colleagues every day, but the latter didn’t have the right tools to bring their stories to life.


So she decided to do something about it.


11 Years and some change later, Grundei Coaching has gleefully helped thousands of individuals be more confident and credible speakers who can now inspire and educate any audience.

Meridith specializes in presentation and public speaking coaching and consultation for individuals and teams in both healthcare and tech.


Meridith is located in New York City and works virtually and in person with clients all over the world. You can find time on her calendar for a complimentary consultation, HERE.

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Marion Spears Karr


Marion Spears Karr is an accomplished healthcare executive recruiting and talent acquisition leader with over 30 experience leading successful recruitment teams that specialize in C-level, Physician executives and science officers. Marion has a diverse background built from a combination of talent management and consulting, motivational speaking, leadership coaching, and individual/team development.


A self-described life-long learner, Marion has been working on the development of a book called The Accomplishment Culture: Translating Experience to Influence based on positive psychology concepts and his own research. One of his biggest influences is Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the creator of the Flow Theory of Psychology.

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Nicole North

Director of Strategic Planning & Training

Nicole North is the founder of Whiteboard Consulting, creator of The Limitless Leader™️ program and the Whiteboard Learning App™️.  She is passionate about creating teams and leaders that make their teams feel limitless in their capacity, engagement, and productivity.  


Nicole is passionate about workplace wellness as employees and leaders need wellness in order to be LIMITLESS.

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Jenn Hensel

Director of Business Development & Presentation Coach

Jenn is the Founder of ElePitch, and is a seasoned entrepreneurial advisor and pitch expert offering an individualized, no nonsense approach. 


Jenn's coaching style is distinguished by how authentically invested she is in the success of her clients. She teaches, guides, and empowers diverse entrepreneurs to be prepared for their key opportunities like investor meetings, competitions, and sales opp.

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David Spinner

Director of DEI and Business Development

David possesses a Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Social Work as well as a Master’s in Social Work. David added an MBA from the John Molson School of Business.


David worked as a front line worker in social work for 10 years coaching parents and youth through challenging life situations.


David is a consultant with Peak Performance 2 – helping teams strengthen their communication skills through self-awareness, awareness of others and learning to adapt and connect with each other. His workshops focus on the DYNAMIX® Profile system. David also works as a teacher in the Social Services Department at Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. David is focusing a lot of his time and energy into becoming DEIB aware so that he can bring that knowledge to all the work he does.

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Michele Thomson

Michele Thomson

Director of Membership

Michele Thomson is the founder of Curis Consulting which specializes in leadership development, employee engagement and bringing humanity back to the workplace. She is also the creator of P.E.R.S.O.N. Centered Leadership Approach which is available as her signature online program.


Michele is determined to support organizations and their leaders to find joy in their work again so they can create workplaces that people never want to leave. She believes that leadership begins from within and understanding how we are hard-wired to connect is the key to creating trusting and psychologically safe workplaces.

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Rebecca O’Brien

Director of Communication & Marketing

Rebecca O’Brien is the founder of Wellness by Rebecca. Through her 1:1 coaching and corporate programs, she helps creators & leaders reduce stress and prevent burnout. By learning strategies of unbreakable boundaries, high-performing habits, mindfulness, and self-mastery.


After 15 years in Sales & Marketing, Rebecca burnt out in 2014 and was sick for two years. In recovery, she committed to not let another person suffer through burnout.


The holistic approach in her work looks at the mind-body connection. Which helps you gain peace, and presence to embody SUSTAINABLE health & success.

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Felipe Cofiño

Director of Engagement & Branding

Creatively Different Leadership, Talent Matching Skills, Operational Partner, Work Culture Advocate, Family Focused & Committed to Talent Development.


Felipe is not your traditional Human Resource leader! He tends to put the emphasis on HUMAN and be the advocate for the associate, while still being a business partner with the operations of the organization!

Felipe is an experienced Vice President of Human Resources & Organizational Development with a demonstrated history of working in financial & service related industries. Skilled in financial institutions, credit unions, banking, hospitality management, recruitment, customer service, and talent development. He have a strong background with 25+ years as a human resources professional & a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources & Financial Management from The Catholic University of America.


“Success shouldn’t create a culture, the culture should create success”. —Felipe Cofiño

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Pattra Winner


Meaningful, fun, interesting relationships with all types of people, from all walks of life– meeting to create, grow, learn, work and heal has taught Pattra that building community is at the heart of change. Through 10+ years of frontline healthcare practice and a graduate degree in public health, Pattra started to understand the systemic and organizational causes of burnout and I strive to build root solutions for workplaces.


Pattra sees the value in the Workplace Wellness Collective because of its foundations of community, connection, and collaboration. She see the heart and care of those involved and know that I want to contribute to educating and equipping leaders and organizations to be responsible for the wellness of employees. 


A current mentee of Sumana Jeddy, Pattra is learning about knowledge translation and facilitation, business and consulting, marketing and social media tools. She's finding her niche and building skills and networks in a way that she hope will change the modern workplace for the better. 

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