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Workplace Wellness Newsletter
May 15, 2023 / Vol 2

As we have started the month of May with great excitement, and are committed to breaking the stigma, encouraging each other to speak up for support, and raising awareness during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Here are some WWC updates and events in May to share with you.

Help and resources must be available for all, regardless of where you are in the world.

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Workplace Wellness Newsletter
May 1, 2023 / Vol 1

May is an exciting month as we are very passionate about our pillar Mental Health & Belonging. You might have joined us in January when we hosted a learning experience to explore mental health and leadership in the workplace.

This group learning experience helped leaders and managers increase mental health literacy, develop strategies to value mental health and wellness in the workplace and help employees talk about mental health sensitively and appropriately.

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Workplace Wellness Newsletter
Apr 5, 2023 / Vol 

Together, we can continue to prioritize the well-being of employees and create healthier, happier workplaces.

And we are growing every single day. The collective is in an exciting time of expansion and offerings and we couldn’t do this without your support. As we grow, we have new offerings as well as where you can located resources. Keep reading to find out the latest updates we are excited to share.

WWC Newsletter | Mar 5, 2023 / Vol 1 

March has welcomed “spring into our step”, the winter season is ending and new beginnings are blossoming. The collective had its quarterly meeting and brainstorms some innovative ideas which we can’t wait to share with you. 

With your support, we are learning, growing, and improving on each of our pillars which include, inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging.

WWC Newsletter | Feb 6, 2023 / Vol 1

We hope your 2023 has started off with wellness and much success in every area of life. The collective kicked off the year with a very special event. It was Bell Let’s Talk Day, on the 25th of January and we hosted our Mental Health & Leadership- Group Learning Experience which embraced a great turnout and we thank everyone who joined us on this insightful and inclusive day.


This was about increasing mental health & burnout literacy, developing strategies, and helping employees and employers to shape workplace culture and psychological safety.

WWC Newsletter | Jan 9, 2023 / What's New 

Happy New Year, what an exciting time and start to 2023!

You have probably been seeing a lot of content regarding resolutions, habits, and even a “word” for the new year. Whatever goal you set, or habit you want to start, let’s focus on sustainability and not lose momentum come February. We are cheering you on as you continue to prioritize wellness!

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