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The Great Resignation, The Great Evaluation, The Great Shift, The Great Reimagination, The Great Reset or The Great Realisation, call it what you want. What we are seeing is an opportunity for employers and employees to have equity-focused discussions. Equity plays a critical role in the workplace and equitable access to high-value health and wellness benefits should be available to all because the prevalence of burnout is high. Organizations and employers can incorporate equitable wellness benefits and redesign a robust workplace wellness program that promotes learning, networking and creates more synergies between life, work, home/family, community, personal wellness, and health.


Organizational culture as it relates to workplace wellness means creating a workplace that encourages and promotes the well-being of ALL employees. To understand the "the how", we must understand the process of creating a working culture in which a mix of people can come to work, feel comfortable and confident to be themselves, and work in a way that suits them. Focusing on inclusion will equip your team to positively impact your staff and customers in the short and long term.


We cannot ignore leadership through the lens of diversity. Learning how to manage diverse teams and all the advantages (from monetary to ethical and emotional) are critical for wellness at work. There are three big Diversity themes - age, gender, and culture - how do we navigate transitions and work together with "difficult" "Boomers or GenZers? How do we not get stuck in a mediating role, losing sight of our needs? How can we profit from different personality styles and find better solutions through cultural diversity? This is important for all workplaces!


Losing or quitting a job has a massive impact on your life and mental health - what solutions can we find beyond identifying ourselves through work? Where and how can we build new communities for the sense of belonging that everyone needs? With the huge weight of the pandemic, depression, and anxiety as mental health challenges have become more common than not - While before there was often a "this couldn't happen to me" mentality, many have seen how outside conditions directly impact mental health - so what outside, systemic solutions do we set in place? How prolonged periods of stress can affect productivity is also an open secret now. Are there ways to manage that are better for our mental health?

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The energy from the crowd and the behind the scenes networking and the conversations going on there were really great!
Angie Alexander


Leadership & Team Effectiveness Consultant and Mental Fitness Coach

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